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Henna, Anyone?

Well rats.  

Not only is (another) one of my buddies from out of town not gonna be able to make the wedding, but I was gonna hit her up for some of her magnificent henna art as well.   Now I must either put it on myself, with that spray-gun and stencil set I got (doesn't look so good), or hunt down someone else here in town. 

I ran into a spiffy good artist this summer at ATME, but she's not from Memphis, so that rules that out.


In other news, got half of the paper and cardstock I need to make the invitations, and according to the phone call I just made, the other essential half is waiting for me at the front counter of the paper store.  I will have to make mad dashes from the time I get off work to try and make it over there in time, and then,

the printing begins.

Yes, yes, I'm extremely late, but there's not much I can do about it; both my beloved and my wedding planner have been dragging their feet.  Stephen, making me wait while he decides whether or not he's gonna get his last name changed back to his father's name (his mom remarried when Stephen was a kid, and changed his name to that of the new husband.  Stephen hated him, and wants his own father's name back.)
and my wedding planner - well she's just flat out gone AWOL.  I needed to talk to her one more time about event time, invitation wording, etc. before I sent them out,  but every time I call, she's waaaaay too busy to talk, and never calls me back.

Which is my own damn fault, 'cause I already knew this about her from the get-go.  We've been buddies for over a decade, and she always signs up for more than she can actually get done.  That and the whole doing the gig for Free,   and it just makes it impossible for me to complain.  She's still gonna put on the mutha of all artisan b-day cakes for me, so I really don't have a gripe at all.   I just wanted a little more verification, a bit of proof-reading, and one more "yeah, it's looks fine"  before I actually printed and mailed.

One month from the day of the wedding, the invites will be mailed.  Maybe the "21" on the post mark will help folks to remember.


What's left to do?


make a wedding dress.  shouldn't be too hard, right?

cover the piping on the really nice corset I finally got from online,  (it's edged in black, and I need to cover that with material from my dress).

find a pair of big urns, preferably out of that durable outdoor laminated foam stuff that looks like stone.  I'm not getting anything that can't be used later.  it's wasteful enough that I'm gonna fill them with cut flowers that will just die the next day; at least they will end up giving service in the garden next year.

dust a little gold sparkle spray paint on the little lanterns I'll be using as table decor

get assorted goodies to make the favors for the guests.

decide if I'm gonna make little drawstring bags, or if I'm gonna use cookie tins to package the favors.

look into getting a tripod for Stephen's video camera, so we can turn it on and leave it running during the service.

Take my brides - maid and matron out to lunch.  Just 'cause they aint gotta wear matching dresses and stand up in front of the crowd doesn't mean that I'm not putting them through the wringer.  They deserve the best "thank you" I can manage.  besides, if I take 'em to lunch now, maybe I can pump them for details on what kind of shower they're planning.

break in my wedding shoes without getting them dirty

get a bus route and trolley info packet together for Klaus - the hotel we put him at is in midtown, close to all the stuff he wants to see, but he'll still have get rides to and from.  too far to walk it.

get a hotel booked for my parents.   assuming they are still coming.  (they created a bit 'o drama last week by announcing that they "aren't so sure that they feel like it, afterall.")

pre-cook the food.   It's a little early to be doing that, but I need to realize that it's coming up quick.   I need to verify all the "Fridge Folks" - people who have said I could store a platter of hors dourves in their fridge a day or two before-hand.   and heck - I still need to verify that my buddy Cliff wasn't joking when he said he'd grill.   I can never tell when he's serious.

have I left out anything?

hmm... buddy at work says she's gonna make Stephen's hat, but it'd probably be a good idea if I gave her the fabric, eh?  and what else.....

I'm sure there's more.  there always seems to be more.

But I'm gettin' there.

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