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Just This Once

Your'e not selfish - you're beautiful

Bridezilla Wins! Flawless Victory!
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This is a supportive community where brides-to-be can rant absolutely to their hearts content. Worried that fussing over the right kind of flowers makes you a selfish monster? Do you find yourself matching your candles to the napkin rings? People giving you grief just because you really, really, REALLY want your wedding day to be perfect?
Not here.
1. No flaming. You can rant about your wedding planner, the florist, your MIL-to-be, but no attacking one another. One woman's rose is another's carnation. There's room for all of us, but we need to be respectful.
2. No spam. Yes, you can tell us all how much you just loved the caterer, but anything considered an ad will be deleted.
3. Let's stay on topic. Abortion, Politics, War, ..... um.... while planning a wedding can feel about as bad as all of those things combined, please refrain from off-topic posts, ESPECIALLY ones that are "hot button" issues.

Oh yeah, the moderator (yours truly) is pretty strict about these rules, too.

Have fun! if you don't have a rant, then share ideas, share positive stories of how it's going. Be beautiful.