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The countdown begins

Okeee..... the countdown is underway.  This weekend, I figured I was nearing the 100 day mark, so I came up with a list of 100 things to get done in 100 days before the wedding.  No, I will not dump the whole list in this post.  I'll just mention the few that are due about now-ish, and mention some other things that aren't on the list, because they've done been done!

*  ordered Stephen's suit.  Happy with the price, happy with the communication from the vendor, and love the pictures of samples on his website.  Can only hope that the finished product will actually be as good as the samples look.  Decided, with **actual input from Stephen**  to go with a true sherwani suit, with fully constructed shoulders and all the interfacing, lining, and stuff that makes it a "real suit", and not just a pretty tunic that opens up the front.  Got Stephen to hold still for measurements, and when I sent them in, they guy didn't seem to balk at the "huge American" dimensions he was being forced to deal with.  Also found the much coveted but highly un-auspicious color of aubergine.  The guy never sent me a photo of the fabric he's getting his tailor to use, so this is just blind faith at work here.  I did send him several photos, from various fabric-websites, of what I was looking for.  

* ordered the bustier I'll be wearing under it all.  I'm going with dark purple on that as well, because cream or ivory would never, ever, ev-ah get worn again.   I simply don't wear light colors.   Now, just to make sure that I pick a lining for the outfit that is dense enough - as gorgeous as an aubergine satin bustier would be, the dark shadow it could cast from underneath will not be appreciated.

*got in the fabric we'll use as our walkway/runner.  It's a gorgeous dark golden and dark beige tapestry, with ornate paisleys and just a touch of dark purple in the design.  sumptuous.  absolutely sumptuous.  AND, it was blissfully free of manufacturer marks on the edges, so I won't need to hem it.   At  54" wide and six yards, it will turn into a fabu sofa cover and throw pillows after the wedding.  Must remember to buy double-sided tape to keep it from sliding on the floor.  Must also get down to the fabric place on Summer and get matching bullion fringe for the ends.

*packed up all the purple tapestries, sari's, cloth lanterns, and other goodies into one single jumbo tubbie.  Spritzed a bit of Les nerides Oriental Lumpur between each layer, to combat storage-stink, and it's good to go.  I don't have to worry about it till the morning of.

*finally, must get my silly self down to H.R. this week, (a week that is rapidly running out), to talk to them about the harsh realities of  what this marraige thing is going to mean financially - insurance rates, tuition discounts, etc etc.

*Sunday - must go church visiting again.  Had to rule out First Congo, even though I really really like that church.  I like what they do, I like their message, I like what they are about.  I could happily call that place my spiritual home away from home, but there were two big ole problems.  1. Stephen wasn't really fond of them.  Took their enthusiastic friendliness and good works as "fake", which blows my mind, 'cause I don't sense that at all.  and 2.  They require that couples be "members for a while"  ( a year was implied) before they marry them.  !!!   So, it's down to choosing amongst Troy-Ann, who, although she represents neither of our faiths, is a quite cool chickie, Stephen's comfortable with her, and has already said she'd be happy to perform the service, vs. the two UU congregations in town.  Need to make the choice soon, too.  People's schedules can get booked up.

Also, have pretty much finalized the menu.  I wanted so much to have a nice sit down dinner for everyone, but the guest list has gotten so huge - I could never afford it.  So, hors dourves it is, and the people who drive all the way in from Nashville or Oxford or New Orleans or Little Rock will just have to not hate me for it.  At least I'll be able to put out a LOT of appetizers, so with careful grazing, guests could get reasonably full.

That's it for now.  Will be posting pics of the fabric and a link to the sherwani tailor's website soon.
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