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le stress le stress - eet is so... how you say? "bo -ring?"

Five days and counting.  No, not everything is ready, but hey, nothing wrong with that.  I can make things ready.  I can do something about that.

What is wrong, and of course, the thing I can not do anything about, is what aggravating you-know-whats that some people are being.

Again, I turn to my sweetie, and marvel and his mindset.  Stephen doesn't care if his father attends or not.  "He doesn't owe me anything." he said,   "I won't be offended if he can't make it.   It would be nice to see him, but I'm not gonna stress if he doesn't show."

"doesn't owe you anything??"   I asked incredulously.  "How about 18 years of child support and involved parenting?"

"Nah,"  said Stephen nonchalantly.   He tells me that all his cousins and his grandmothers and mom will be there, and that's enough to make him happy.

if only i felt that relaxed about people i want to see there who ca;t make it.     I love that Stephen is so relaxed - and so calm, and so mature, and so forgiving.    I have a lot to learn from my husband to be.   He is an awsome man.

But on the up side - got over 50 RSVP's so far, and spent a large chunk of Saturday with good buddy Barb planning flowers and cake.  I can't believe how elaborate she's going - teirs and crystals and fondant, oh my.   

Barb did convince me to go with silk for the two urns, the flower arrangements, but I'm still committed to fresh for the bouquets and buttoneers.

Yesterday, Stephen and I painted all the signs to guide people to and through the park.  We'll have both park entrances covered, so matter which direction their approach, they can be guided right to the building.

Also scored a beaut of a deal on both the entertainment supplies for the Stpen;s little cousins, AND on  the trivets I needed to go under the lanterns (to keep from scorching the table clothes).  Garden Ridge was having a clearance sale on all their back to school stuff, including:
coloring books - 25 cents each
majic marker poster coloring sets - 25 cents each
64 count box of crayons, with built in sharpener - 25 cents.  Yes, I mean it.  64 crayons for 25 cents.
star shaped wooden blanks the perfect size to serve as lantern bases.

Now, all I need to get is the candy and coloring books for the kids - have already hired the lady who's gonna watch them during the wedding.   (we figured it would be better to have kids actvitiesfor his cousins  rather than a lot of champgne for our friends - so I cut back on the beverage budget to hire the sitter}   Maybe some toys, too.   Stephen's cousins all have LOTS of kids, and I don't want them to be bored.  hmmm... maybe I should hire TWO ladies to watch them all.

Also gotta do dolmas today.   Dolmas can be made today, and then hide out in the ole' ice box till wedding time.
And pesto.  should make the pesto tonight.  It freezes well.

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