Balinorelle (balinorelle) wrote in bridezilla_r_us,

busy bee

There has been so much going on lately that I have barely had time to breathe.

I finally found a guest book I like. It is dupioni silk and was hand bound. Not that I care about the hand bound part.. I just think it is pretty. :)

We had a very busy weekend of printing invitations and RSVP cards. We also printed little maps and little squares that tell where we are registered (which I was cutting out for hours). Then came the stuffing of the envelopes. Finally the sealing of them and the wax seals.

I got the flower girl basket. I picked up the shirts and the fabric paint that we used to make cute tee's for the junior bridesmaid, the flower girl, and the ring bearer. Reg did the design.. so they are really cute. I ordered the program paper.. which will be beautiful! We went and got the marriage license (that makes it feel so much more official). The rings are ordered finally too. We had to wait longer than we wanted to for that. You can't spend money that you don't have though.

In between this was the shower that Gretchen threw for us, which was fabulous fun. She also threw a girlie party. heehee. We had a blast.

Michelle's Mom is helping me with the veil.. which looks great so far. Reg's Mom is coming in this Sunday to do the dress fitting on me.

Still plenty more to do. We still have the jewelry to make, the favors to make, hotel room for the girls to book, thank you presents to buy, vows to write, music to pick out (some of which we already know.. but we can't listen to the same 15 songs over and over again), another shower to go to, and I am sure I am forgetting something.

but it is soooo close! Three weeks!
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