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details details details

The paper for the inner envelopes has been ordered.  The plan is this

Outer envelope:  dark cream color - part of an invitation kit  made to fit printers

               Inner envelope for the invitation - handmade paper, dark purple with gold, handtorn edges, held in the center with a wax seal
                     small rectangle of light gold transparent tissue paper
                     the invitation card itself - from the same cream color kit


               R.S.V.P.  envelope - pre-posted and pre-addressed, cream color kit
               R.S.V.P.  card also from the kit


               Map card - directions on one side, map on the other - printed from a similar color cream cardstock purchased separately


Also ordered the embroidered jilibab I'll be wearing during the reception.  I took the plunge and decided to order it made with fabric that i bought here and am shipping to them.  It was the only way to get cotton.   For some bizzare reason - every vendor outta the Arab World is selling gorgeous embroidered garments, custom made to fit, fantastic workmanship on the embroidery - all of it made out of nasty polyester crepe.
even my afghani burka, for all it's gorgeous embroidery, is still made out of the nastiest slithery polyester.  I don't get it.  



We met with the Minister on Tuesday, and I was blown away by all the choices.  Vows, words to exchange rings by, readings, benedictions, prayer, - - - - egad - on TV they just say "I do"  "I do" and that's it!  At the weddings I attended, I frankly wasn't much listening to what was being said, I was usually focusing on how beautiful the bride's dress was, or staring at the flowers, or daydreaming about maybe someday me, so I didn't really ever grasp all the details involved in the service.
   Nobody told me there'd be CHOICES.   Rev. Neely is sending us his three most frequently used versions, and we'll pick which one we're comfortable with.   Apparently, we can choose to do most all of the talking ourselves - or we can choose to have Rev. Neely say each line and we repeat after him,  or we can choose for him to do all the talking and we just supply the "I do" and "Yes" where appropriate.


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