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ring in the news!


The rings arrived yesterday.  Stephen showed them to me first, even though Matt had already been over at the house for hours. He saved them for me to see before anybody else.

They are gorgeous, just beautiful - actually better looking than even the pictures of the samples on the artists' web page.  I am absolutely delighted.  Stephen is fussing over the fact that if you look hard enough, you can just barely, in the brightest light, just barely make out the seams - I say  it's the mark of a handmade, forged braided ring, instead of some assembly-line cast job from Zales or WalMart.  Nobody else has these exact rings - handmade folks - and beautiful.   He's also fussing over the metals - he wants to upgrade to platinum or white gold as soon as possible, and repeatedly apologized that these are "just silver and gold".  I say, they are beautiful, perfect, and I don't ever need an "upgrade".

He worries too much.

being supersticious, I'm only gonna post pics of the ring *after* the wedding.     But - other pictures have been added and updated on the geocities page.    and a link added.

squee..........  it's almost here!

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