Mrs. Shaybe Silver (shaybe) wrote in bridezilla_r_us,
Mrs. Shaybe Silver

Got so much done

We got our wedding certificate today and I gave NM&V the deposit for the sound equipment. Also one of our orders came in which means to date we are expecting four orders (not counting wedding gifts which might get sent to the house) two more orders, on movie, and my new engagement ring. Rob and decided to book a hotel room for our wedding night. I am so excited. We also are booking Mama Lucia's for our rehearsal dinner. I am just so excited. Everything is coming so fast. After we got our wedding cert. I was almost hyperventalating and Rob was laughing at me and joking that it was so funny that I was the one freaking out. I am just so very happy and have begun to realize (thanks to a phone call from an awesome old friend) that if things go wrong no one will really notice and the main thing that matters is that we are happy. So I am spending the next week focused on  my health and body. I am going to diet, take all my vitamins, drink lots of water, excersize, and give myself at least two manicures and two pedicures, and a daily face mask. This way when I have to spend next week running around all crazy like at least I will look and feel good doing it. lol. @ weeks....eesh. We have a meeting with Pastor Sachs on Sat directly following Jade's shower. I got Jade a gift card because nothing on her registries could be bought online. It was very frustrating. I am sure she will understand I mean it's hard to be devoted to your cousin inlaw's 8-12 wedding when yours is 8-5.  Well I guess that is all the updating I have. Yay.
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