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Friday, February 9th, 2007
1:52 pm
i'm getting married on may 19th. i don't think any of my bridesmaids have gotten their dresses!!!!!!!!!

i have 4 bridesmaids. 2 live in florida, and 2 live up here where i live in washington state. one of the bridesmaids is my sister. my sister is a BIG procrastinator...for christmas, we were splitting the price of a digital camera for our mother. i sent her a check to pay for half the camera in early january (i was outta money in december). and she JUST cashed it this week after having the money sitting in my bank account for a month, when i had things i could have done with that money yet she just let it sit. i'm afraid that she isn't going to buy a dress until it's too late, and she'll buy just any old dress and wear it to my wedding.

i've told all my bridesmaids to get a dress in the color "peri" (like periwinkle) from davids bridal. periwinkle is kind of a weird color, so i don't want them getting the dress someplace else because it would probably be a different shade. i tried to get them all to decide on one dress because i didn't want to make them pay for a dress they hated, you know, i wanted them all to be happy with the dress they picked out. i told them all this a year ago, but i really don't think anybody has bought their dress yet! my dress has been sitting in my closet scince last march...and i don't want to have to like, kick out everyone in my wedding party because they won't buy their dress.

how can i tell them to like...get a move on and get their dresses? the 2 here in washington i'm probably going to take them to the store and have them try on dresses and then order them right then and there. i really don't know what i'm going to do about my sister though...i can nag her all i want but she just won't do it.

i don't want the date to get closer and closer and get stressed out about why my bridesmaids haven't gotten their dresses yet. i'm stressed out about everything else enough!!!!

also, one more thing. about how long does it take for davids bridal to alter a dress? i need my dress hemmed by like, an inch or two. i am going to do it soon, but i would like to know aproximatley how long it takes.


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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
9:54 pm
I always wanted to do this
When I was a little kid, I used to read the wedding page in the local Sunday paper.  Most of the time, we lived in small towns, so they could devote a lot of space to verbose, elaborate descriptions of everything.  Oxford, MS, Gonzales, LA, Biloxi... they all did pretty much the same thing, and I absolutely ached to have that kind of beautiful essay written about me one day.

So, here it is, more than 20 years in the making.

October 21st, 2006.  Nunis - Bowen-Howell.

On Saturday Afternoon, in Millington, Tennessee,   Mr. thewo0kieand Mrs. panda_dancer were united in marraige at the Recreational Center Building in Shelby Forest State Park.  Rev. Bill Neely of Neshoba Unitarian Universalist Church officiated.

The Bride wore a full length, open front, mandarin collar choga in buttercream and gold tapestry lined with gilded violet silk dupioni, over a scoop-neckline, ankle-length sheath dress in matching buttercream and gold tapestry.  The outfit, which was cut from vintage saris,  was accented by an underbust cincher corset from Timeless Trends Corsetry of Austin constructed of alternating panels of gilded violet silk dupioni and intricate-patterened golden thai batik.  Completing the ornamentation were carved mother-of-pearl buttons edged in gold, and a small spray of  gold and pearl edged shisha mirrors; and upon the lapel, an antique amethyst and pearl gold broach belonging to the bride's maternal great grandmother.  The bride carried a bouquet of cream petit-roses, purple snapdragons and aubergine carnations.

The Groom was outfitted in an aubergine formal sherwani and matching brimless cap, with maroon and ivory dupatta and traditional tapered churridurs in ivory.  The suit, cutom tailored by Dilip Sethi of Mumbai featured gold and copper beaded embroidery over the shoulders, epaulets, chest, and classic nehru collar.

The three-tier cake was designed and created by Duchess Ilissa Bakery,  and it featured shisha mirrors and faux-fondant sculpted top, all in buttercreme gold and aubergine, with antiqued cast-resin chess king and queen as toppers, both dressed in the bride and groom's colors.  Additional catering was provided by the Caspian Persian Cuisine of Memphis,  and Duke Kane and Squires, inc. grilling.

The Bride and Groom entered simultaneously to an original composition for bazuki, written and performed by the legendary Klaus Weiland .  The Rev. Neely gave readings from Aristotle and contemporary writer Spider Robinson, and led the couple in their exchange of vows.  Celtic knotwork bands woven of gold and silver were exchanged, and the reception, attended by over 50 friends and family, immediately followed, with music also provided by Mr. Weiland.

The couple will be taking a culinarily-intensive tour of noted mid-south locations, culminating with a weekend stay with their household at the Three Rivers War, a Samhain event outside of Corinth, Mississippi.  They will then return to Memphis to take up residence in Colonial Acres Subdivsion, where they plan to raise and exhibit hopes.

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
9:56 am
Going really bridezilla

grr.  the wedding is three days away, and I just now find out that Stephen has to work the overnight at work, and won't be around at all for the next 72 hours.   I was really counting on him to help with getting the reception food ready, and the vehicles loaded up with all the decorations, and and my parents need a ride from the airport, and and and and... now he's gonna be stuck at work.  

  To be fair, he only found out just now himself.  those people are rotten to him.

I am not a happy bridezilla.



Monday, October 16th, 2006
8:42 am
le stress le stress - eet is so... how you say? "bo -ring?"

Five days and counting.  No, not everything is ready, but hey, nothing wrong with that.  I can make things ready.  I can do something about that.

What is wrong, and of course, the thing I can not do anything about, is what aggravating you-know-whats that some people are being.

Again, I turn to my sweetie, and marvel and his mindset.  Stephen doesn't care if his father attends or not.  "He doesn't owe me anything." he said,   "I won't be offended if he can't make it.   It would be nice to see him, but I'm not gonna stress if he doesn't show."

"doesn't owe you anything??"   I asked incredulously.  "How about 18 years of child support and involved parenting?"

"Nah,"  said Stephen nonchalantly.   He tells me that all his cousins and his grandmothers and mom will be there, and that's enough to make him happy.

if only i felt that relaxed about people i want to see there who ca;t make it.     I love that Stephen is so relaxed - and so calm, and so mature, and so forgiving.    I have a lot to learn from my husband to be.   He is an awsome man.

But on the up side - got over 50 RSVP's so far, and spent a large chunk of Saturday with good buddy Barb planning flowers and cake.  I can't believe how elaborate she's going - teirs and crystals and fondant, oh my.   

Barb did convince me to go with silk for the two urns, the flower arrangements, but I'm still committed to fresh for the bouquets and buttoneers.

Yesterday, Stephen and I painted all the signs to guide people to and through the park.  We'll have both park entrances covered, so matter which direction their approach, they can be guided right to the building.

Also scored a beaut of a deal on both the entertainment supplies for the Stpen;s little cousins, AND on  the trivets I needed to go under the lanterns (to keep from scorching the table clothes).  Garden Ridge was having a clearance sale on all their back to school stuff, including:
coloring books - 25 cents each
majic marker poster coloring sets - 25 cents each
64 count box of crayons, with built in sharpener - 25 cents.  Yes, I mean it.  64 crayons for 25 cents.
star shaped wooden blanks the perfect size to serve as lantern bases.

Now, all I need to get is the candy and coloring books for the kids - have already hired the lady who's gonna watch them during the wedding.   (we figured it would be better to have kids actvitiesfor his cousins  rather than a lot of champgne for our friends - so I cut back on the beverage budget to hire the sitter}   Maybe some toys, too.   Stephen's cousins all have LOTS of kids, and I don't want them to be bored.  hmmm... maybe I should hire TWO ladies to watch them all.

Also gotta do dolmas today.   Dolmas can be made today, and then hide out in the ole' ice box till wedding time.
And pesto.  should make the pesto tonight.  It freezes well.

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Friday, September 29th, 2006
1:13 pm
bridezilla rant
ok.  three weeks and counting.  It's a mix of happy and frustration.

happy - still love the fabric for the dress (i thought I'd surely have changed my mind by now)
happy - finally found the right pattern to cut it into (something that doesn't make my butt stick out like a hottentot)
happy - wonderful friend who is a professional beautician is going to do my hair and makeup for the wedding
happy - wonderful friend is going to grill for all the guests at the reception, I still can't believe it
happy - wonderful friend is making me a gorgeous wedding cake (did I mention that she's won cake decorating contests in the past!)
happy - my man has got a gorgeous suit that fits him wonderfully
happy - groovy coworker is going to make him a matching hat that he will love, and end his worries about the assembled crowd viewing his bald spot
happy - we ended up with a UU minister, which has brought me back to church and made me a lot more thoughtful and introspective
happy - got all my decorative textiles packed up and ready to go
happy - the invitations came out real purdy, despite my amateur hand.
happy - the musician who's music means so much to us both will be coming to play for the wedding.  I still can't believe it.
happy - I'm finally getting a chance to throw a huge party for all my friends and mentors who have been so good to me, specifically, all the ones who have been there to  let me boo hoo on their shoulder all the times I was sad - now, FINALLY, now, they can celebrate something *positive* with me.

but, on the other hand, there are certain things that are stressing me the hell out.  I've tried all kinds of things to get this out of my system, tried to pretend like it's not bothering me, tried to rationalize with myself and point out to my dumb little psyche that these are just dumb little details, and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

stressy - stephen went to the post office to simply weigh an invitation, to see if it required more than a regular postage stamp.  He did that, and then bought 100 stamps.  ONE HUNDRED stamps, to go on the invitations, and they are all butt-fugly standard u.s. flag stamps.  Not pretty flowers, not the specially designed wedding stamps, not the groovy night sky ones (that's what I was planning to get),.  NO, stupid-ass U.S. the world hates us because we torture prisoners of war and invade soverign nations and are the biggest bully nation on the planet and I am incredibly ashamed to be a citizen of Flag stamps.   DAMN IT.   (and no, they don't do refunds or exchanges.  we checked)

stressy - everybody is being so nice to me about the wedding, including the friends who are giving me designer cake and mountains of grilled meat and bacheloretteparty/bridal shower and and and........    and it stresses me out to think that they are spending too much money on this.   

stressy - despite me feeling horrible about friends spending too much on gifts, I still want to see as many friends as possible.  I know that even though prices dropped, that gas is still over two dollars a gallon (paid $2.01 at sams club last night!!!).   It won't be cheap for some to come, and yet I want them to.  and that makes me feel uuber guilty.

stressy - I'm still fat.  the corset can squeeze my middle, but ain't nothing gonna fix my face.  double chin, on film, forever.   fatso.

stressy - will my friends who hate crowds stay long enough to let me tell them how happy I am to see them?  Will there even be a crowd?  will we be stuck eating pesto bruchetta and chicken salad sandwiches for a month because no one shows up?  Should I be making cardboard cutouts of smiling faces to simulate a full house?  
will anybody even be there?

Friday, September 22nd, 2006
9:35 am
busy bee
There has been so much going on lately that I have barely had time to breathe.

I finally found a guest book I like. It is dupioni silk and was hand bound. Not that I care about the hand bound part.. I just think it is pretty. :)

We had a very busy weekend of printing invitations and RSVP cards. We also printed little maps and little squares that tell where we are registered (which I was cutting out for hours). Then came the stuffing of the envelopes. Finally the sealing of them and the wax seals.

I got the flower girl basket. I picked up the shirts and the fabric paint that we used to make cute tee's for the junior bridesmaid, the flower girl, and the ring bearer. Reg did the design.. so they are really cute. I ordered the program paper.. which will be beautiful! We went and got the marriage license (that makes it feel so much more official). The rings are ordered finally too. We had to wait longer than we wanted to for that. You can't spend money that you don't have though.

In between this was the shower that Gretchen threw for us, which was fabulous fun. She also threw a girlie party. heehee. We had a blast.

Michelle's Mom is helping me with the veil.. which looks great so far. Reg's Mom is coming in this Sunday to do the dress fitting on me.

Still plenty more to do. We still have the jewelry to make, the favors to make, hotel room for the girls to book, thank you presents to buy, vows to write, music to pick out (some of which we already know.. but we can't listen to the same 15 songs over and over again), another shower to go to, and I am sure I am forgetting something.

but it is soooo close! Three weeks!

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Monday, September 18th, 2006
2:09 pm
Henna, Anyone?
Well rats.  

Not only is (another) one of my buddies from out of town not gonna be able to make the wedding, but I was gonna hit her up for some of her magnificent henna art as well.   Now I must either put it on myself, with that spray-gun and stencil set I got (doesn't look so good), or hunt down someone else here in town. 

I ran into a spiffy good artist this summer at ATME, but she's not from Memphis, so that rules that out.


In other news, got half of the paper and cardstock I need to make the invitations, and according to the phone call I just made, the other essential half is waiting for me at the front counter of the paper store.  I will have to make mad dashes from the time I get off work to try and make it over there in time, and then,

the printing begins.

Yes, yes, I'm extremely late, but there's not much I can do about it; both my beloved and my wedding planner have been dragging their feet.  Stephen, making me wait while he decides whether or not he's gonna get his last name changed back to his father's name (his mom remarried when Stephen was a kid, and changed his name to that of the new husband.  Stephen hated him, and wants his own father's name back.)
and my wedding planner - well she's just flat out gone AWOL.  I needed to talk to her one more time about event time, invitation wording, etc. before I sent them out,  but every time I call, she's waaaaay too busy to talk, and never calls me back.

Which is my own damn fault, 'cause I already knew this about her from the get-go.  We've been buddies for over a decade, and she always signs up for more than she can actually get done.  That and the whole doing the gig for Free,   and it just makes it impossible for me to complain.  She's still gonna put on the mutha of all artisan b-day cakes for me, so I really don't have a gripe at all.   I just wanted a little more verification, a bit of proof-reading, and one more "yeah, it's looks fine"  before I actually printed and mailed.

One month from the day of the wedding, the invites will be mailed.  Maybe the "21" on the post mark will help folks to remember.


What's left to do?


make a wedding dress.  shouldn't be too hard, right?

cover the piping on the really nice corset I finally got from online,  (it's edged in black, and I need to cover that with material from my dress).

find a pair of big urns, preferably out of that durable outdoor laminated foam stuff that looks like stone.  I'm not getting anything that can't be used later.  it's wasteful enough that I'm gonna fill them with cut flowers that will just die the next day; at least they will end up giving service in the garden next year.

dust a little gold sparkle spray paint on the little lanterns I'll be using as table decor

get assorted goodies to make the favors for the guests.

decide if I'm gonna make little drawstring bags, or if I'm gonna use cookie tins to package the favors.

look into getting a tripod for Stephen's video camera, so we can turn it on and leave it running during the service.

Take my brides - maid and matron out to lunch.  Just 'cause they aint gotta wear matching dresses and stand up in front of the crowd doesn't mean that I'm not putting them through the wringer.  They deserve the best "thank you" I can manage.  besides, if I take 'em to lunch now, maybe I can pump them for details on what kind of shower they're planning.

break in my wedding shoes without getting them dirty

get a bus route and trolley info packet together for Klaus - the hotel we put him at is in midtown, close to all the stuff he wants to see, but he'll still have get rides to and from.  too far to walk it.

get a hotel booked for my parents.   assuming they are still coming.  (they created a bit 'o drama last week by announcing that they "aren't so sure that they feel like it, afterall.")

pre-cook the food.   It's a little early to be doing that, but I need to realize that it's coming up quick.   I need to verify all the "Fridge Folks" - people who have said I could store a platter of hors dourves in their fridge a day or two before-hand.   and heck - I still need to verify that my buddy Cliff wasn't joking when he said he'd grill.   I can never tell when he's serious.

have I left out anything?

hmm... buddy at work says she's gonna make Stephen's hat, but it'd probably be a good idea if I gave her the fabric, eh?  and what else.....

I'm sure there's more.  there always seems to be more.

But I'm gettin' there.

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
11:07 am

Update - 

I spent last night being a p.i., a tracker.   I've been hunting down addresses.

just barely past the halfway mark - I have now 39 addresses for the wedding invites, and 34 folks (or couples, as the case may be) who have not yet given me their addy.  I've got all my colleagues, most of my buddies, and all of my family members - even my ever-elsuive big brother won't be able to say he wasn't invited!  HA!

6 are people who I doubt i'll ever be able to find addresses for; old college buddies and professors, and in one case, my favorite teacher from high school; so that takes it down to Thirty who have not yet given us addresses.

A large chunk of those non-responsive 28 are Stephen's family members, and it's his job to hunt down their addy's.   
 But still, a handful of people we want to see there have not coughed up a P.O. box yet, and as emotionally fragile as I am, I'm starting to take it personally.   (not like I've ever taken days to get around to replying to someone's email before.  ha!)

For now, all I can do is wait - and hope that the e-mails I've sent out to the errant few  will respond.

keep your fingers crossed.

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Monday, September 11th, 2006
3:18 pm

I feel about 10000000000 lbs lighter right now.  

I just now got (finally!!!!) a hotel for Klaus, one close to all the downtown attractions that I know he'll want to check out while he's in town (from Friday afternoon to Sunday night is a long time to have on your hands).  The hotel is affordable, hopefully not too skanky, and in the right location.    *whew!*


Started asking people for their mailing addresses.  This one has been a toughie - as I was informed this weekend that some people who are so very much invited think that they aren't, and of course, nobody is gonna be invited unless they send me a mailing address.

I didn't want to have to ask people for the mailing addresses;  it somehow takes the surprise out of it to ask them;  like they know what's coming when they're asked.  I thought I could pull it all from old christmas cards and tiny scraps of paper where I've written their address once, years ago, and I'm now supposed to find it in a snap, and to be sure that it's accurate and up to date...........

And I've already gotten an indignant   "don't you already have it?"  from one friend.   

Y'know what the answer is?   NO.  NO I Don't friggin have your address.    I   l o s t    i t .     I am a clutterbug, I don't know where anything is, so don't rub it in and don't take it personally.     GEEEZ!

So, that's it.  Let's do a quickie rundown:

1.  we got the rings.  Stephen has supurb taste - they are lovely.

2.  we've met with the minister, we got him booked, and an outline of what we want in a service.

3.  I've tapped one of my friends to be hall steward - the room will have to be changed from seating-only during the service, to seating and tables for the reception, and he's the right guy to coordinate it and get it done right.  I can count on him.

4.  Stephen has a suit,   but I still don't have a dress (although i got the fabric.  oh yes I do).  

5.  Barb will do the cakes, 

6.  Stephen's Aunt Deborah and cousin Chris have the punch is taken care of, 

7.  Stephen's uncle Barry and cousin Justin have the vidography in hand, 

8.  brat-herder is hired, 

9.  one of my coolest buddies is going to teach me how to do my make up,

10.  our most honored musician has a flight  AND a hotel, 

11.  menu is planned, (although i still need a lot of help from friends with refridgerator space to hold onto some cold snack things until the day of)

12.  and if I can believe him, cause I can never tell when he's joking - one of my best buddies is promising to haul in his enourmous MIM-sized smoker/grill and will do all the meats for the reception.


That's a good dozen biggies to have out of the way.  Now what?  Oh yeah,  we've almost decided on 3:00 pm for the ceremony.  If it starts 10 minutes late (duh, SCA time) and it runs for 20 minutes, then we'll have from 3:30 to 6:30 at least,  to eat, drink, take pictures, and generally be merry.   Anybody who has to leave earlier for long drives home will still have some daylight to get started on their trip, and anybody who lives nearby can hang as long as they like and party with us.   
then again, our second choice is 2:30.  

I know, I know, it's just 30 dumb minutes difference, but when you're a Bridezilla, you ponder about these things.

Votes, dear ones?   what do you recommend?   2:30 pm, or 3:00?

Thursday, August 17th, 2006
9:41 am
details details details
The paper for the inner envelopes has been ordered.  The plan is this

Outer envelope:  dark cream color - part of an invitation kit  made to fit printers

               Inner envelope for the invitation - handmade paper, dark purple with gold, handtorn edges, held in the center with a wax seal
                     small rectangle of light gold transparent tissue paper
                     the invitation card itself - from the same cream color kit


               R.S.V.P.  envelope - pre-posted and pre-addressed, cream color kit
               R.S.V.P.  card also from the kit


               Map card - directions on one side, map on the other - printed from a similar color cream cardstock purchased separately


Also ordered the embroidered jilibab I'll be wearing during the reception.  I took the plunge and decided to order it made with fabric that i bought here and am shipping to them.  It was the only way to get cotton.   For some bizzare reason - every vendor outta the Arab World is selling gorgeous embroidered garments, custom made to fit, fantastic workmanship on the embroidery - all of it made out of nasty polyester crepe.
even my afghani burka, for all it's gorgeous embroidery, is still made out of the nastiest slithery polyester.  I don't get it.  



We met with the Minister on Tuesday, and I was blown away by all the choices.  Vows, words to exchange rings by, readings, benedictions, prayer, - - - - egad - on TV they just say "I do"  "I do" and that's it!  At the weddings I attended, I frankly wasn't much listening to what was being said, I was usually focusing on how beautiful the bride's dress was, or staring at the flowers, or daydreaming about maybe someday me, so I didn't really ever grasp all the details involved in the service.
   Nobody told me there'd be CHOICES.   Rev. Neely is sending us his three most frequently used versions, and we'll pick which one we're comfortable with.   Apparently, we can choose to do most all of the talking ourselves - or we can choose to have Rev. Neely say each line and we repeat after him,  or we can choose for him to do all the talking and we just supply the "I do" and "Yes" where appropriate.



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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
9:17 am
ring in the news!

The rings arrived yesterday.  Stephen showed them to me first, even though Matt had already been over at the house for hours. He saved them for me to see before anybody else.

They are gorgeous, just beautiful - actually better looking than even the pictures of the samples on the artists' web page.  I am absolutely delighted.  Stephen is fussing over the fact that if you look hard enough, you can just barely, in the brightest light, just barely make out the seams - I say  it's the mark of a handmade, forged braided ring, instead of some assembly-line cast job from Zales or WalMart.  Nobody else has these exact rings - handmade folks - and beautiful.   He's also fussing over the metals - he wants to upgrade to platinum or white gold as soon as possible, and repeatedly apologized that these are "just silver and gold".  I say, they are beautiful, perfect, and I don't ever need an "upgrade".

He worries too much.

being supersticious, I'm only gonna post pics of the ring *after* the wedding.     But - other pictures have been added and updated on the geocities page.    and a link added.

squee..........  it's almost here!

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Monday, August 7th, 2006
8:00 pm
I'm married
So Yes this is a picture post! Lots of pics!

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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
5:28 pm
Well Ok I started out this week with this list of things to do.
1. still need ten martini glasses.
2. Still need to finish the ceterpieces.
3. need to meet with pastor sachs again.
4. need to get our marriage cert.
5. need to have about half the guests rsvp....grrrrrrrrrrr
6. Need to find four trustworthy people to each make one dish for the wedding.
7. Need to come up with about 250 dollar to finish paying off the wedding.
8. Need to either have the lifeguards call saying they found my ring or my new one needs to arrive.
9. need to know whch guests need hotel rooms and or a place to stay.
10. need someone to decorate the ceremony site the day of.
11. I need to pick hundreds of queen annes lace.
12. I need to get the final day details nailed down.
13. I need to plan the rehaearsal dinner.
14. Have to go to Jade's shower.
15. Need to get Jade and Charlie a wedding gift.
16. Need to do decorate the receptin site the night before.
17. need to pay northern and get the PA to the reception site.
18. need to get the guest room made up and the tent set up in the back yard.
19. need to bleach my hair
20. have to call rob's mom
21. Print programs
22. need to book the hotel for our wedding night.
23. book restaurant for rehearsal dinner.
24. need to invite people to rehearsal dinner
25. need to finish floral arch for wedding
26. need to finish pew bows

Since then I have been a super busy bee.. and so now the list looks like this

2. Still need to finish the ceterpieces.
6. Need to find four trustworthy people to each make one dish for the wedding.
10. need someone to decorate the ceremony site the day of.
11. I need to pick hundreds of queen annes lace.
12. I need to get the final day details nailed down.
16. Need to do decorate the receptin site the night before.
18. need to get the guest room made up and the tent set up in the back yard.
21. Print programs
22. need to book the hotel for our wedding night.
25. need to finish floral arch for wedding

YAY!!!! YAY for super awesome me!
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
6:41 pm
holding our breath
I just came in from working in the garden and heard Stephen on the phone.  He said "oh good, here's panda_dancer:"  and threw the phone at me.

It was Klaus!  Klaus is coming to play for our wedding!  He gave us a verbal OK at Gulf Wars, but we didn't pin him down on logistics.  He also gave the loophole "I'll have to ask my wife of course", and so we've been wondering all this time whether or not he'd really be able to make it, or if we needed to start burning a CD of favorite tunes instead.
Today, after several unanswered e-mails and MAAAANY weeks of waiting, Klaus called.  Yes he's coming.  He'll be coming in from Baltimore airport (Maryland Renn Fest!) and needing to return there, too.  Could we arrange for him to arrive late at night in Baltimore, to make it easier for the person picking him up to take him back to the Faire?  Sure, man, anything for you.

I've skeezed before about how special this dude's music is to us - Our courtship was cemented while listening to him play in the chill March nights at Gulf Wars, three years ago, Stephen and I huddled together under one shared cloak.  Just as many good memories from bringing his CD's home to recapture the majic.   

And now, those etheral sounds will surround us and our family and friends on the day we make our vows.  I can't think of anything better.
So, why holding my breath?
'cause I can't book the tickets for him until tommorow at the earliest - because I have to talk to Barb to make sure she can still get me that special deal on a hotel room for him.  She's got some kind of pull through her connections at work,  but I've got to compare Barb's "special insider price" to the flight/hotel deals I'm looking at on Expedia and Orbitz and Priceline.

And she won't be back in town until tommorow night.  And her cell phone won't work unless she's in town.


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Friday, July 21st, 2006
1:04 am
Got so much done
We got our wedding certificate today and I gave NM&V the deposit for the sound equipment. Also one of our drugstore.com orders came in which means to date we are expecting four orders (not counting wedding gifts which might get sent to the house) two more drugstore.com orders, on movie, and my new engagement ring. Rob and decided to book a hotel room for our wedding night. I am so excited. We also are booking Mama Lucia's for our rehearsal dinner. I am just so excited. Everything is coming so fast. After we got our wedding cert. I was almost hyperventalating and Rob was laughing at me and joking that it was so funny that I was the one freaking out. I am just so very happy and have begun to realize (thanks to a phone call from an awesome old friend) that if things go wrong no one will really notice and the main thing that matters is that we are happy. So I am spending the next week focused on  my health and body. I am going to diet, take all my vitamins, drink lots of water, excersize, and give myself at least two manicures and two pedicures, and a daily face mask. This way when I have to spend next week running around all crazy like at least I will look and feel good doing it. lol. @ weeks....eesh. We have a meeting with Pastor Sachs on Sat directly following Jade's shower. I got Jade a gift card because nothing on her registries could be bought online. It was very frustrating. I am sure she will understand I mean it's hard to be devoted to your cousin inlaw's 8-12 wedding when yours is 8-5.  Well I guess that is all the updating I have. Yay.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
1:35 pm
it's HERE!!!!
Stephen's sherwani arrived today - it is GORGEOUS!!!!  

now, I have to wait 3 and a half hours before I can go home to see if it fits him. 

UPDATE:  it fits!  it fits!  it fits and he loves it.

pictures have been taken

Oh yeah, I updated the zhara wedding page with a few more pictures last week, too.


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Monday, July 17th, 2006
6:53 am
lost ring ..new ring
Kate and I went to the beach yesterday and I dropped my engagement ring. It fell out of my purse. I was soooooo upset. I cried and cried. Kate and her mom went back to look for it but it was gone. So Rob is buying me a new one. It's really pretty and as close to mine as we could find. The stone is 2 carats (cz) and the band is white gold.

Friday, July 14th, 2006
7:32 am
3 weeks left
I can't  believe there are only 3 weeks left till I am a married woman. I am just so excited. I have also realized that there may be a way I can start helping other brides save bundles on their weddings. I think wedding planning would be fun. I def had fun with planning my own.
Thursday, July 13th, 2006
7:54 pm
La la laaa laaaa laaaa

The cake toppers arrived this afternoon, the cake toppers arrived this afternoon, the cake toppers arrived this afternoon.....

pictures forthcoming.

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Thursday, July 6th, 2006
10:58 am
The countdown begins
Okeee..... the countdown is underway.  This weekend, I figured I was nearing the 100 day mark, so I came up with a list of 100 things to get done in 100 days before the wedding.  No, I will not dump the whole list in this post.  I'll just mention the few that are due about now-ish, and mention some other things that aren't on the list, because they've done been done!

*  ordered Stephen's suit.  Happy with the price, happy with the communication from the vendor, and love the pictures of samples on his website.  Can only hope that the finished product will actually be as good as the samples look.  Decided, with **actual input from Stephen**  to go with a true sherwani suit, with fully constructed shoulders and all the interfacing, lining, and stuff that makes it a "real suit", and not just a pretty tunic that opens up the front.  Got Stephen to hold still for measurements, and when I sent them in, they guy didn't seem to balk at the "huge American" dimensions he was being forced to deal with.  Also found the much coveted but highly un-auspicious color of aubergine.  The guy never sent me a photo of the fabric he's getting his tailor to use, so this is just blind faith at work here.  I did send him several photos, from various fabric-websites, of what I was looking for.  

* ordered the bustier I'll be wearing under it all.  I'm going with dark purple on that as well, because cream or ivory would never, ever, ev-ah get worn again.   I simply don't wear light colors.   Now, just to make sure that I pick a lining for the outfit that is dense enough - as gorgeous as an aubergine satin bustier would be, the dark shadow it could cast from underneath will not be appreciated.

*got in the fabric we'll use as our walkway/runner.  It's a gorgeous dark golden and dark beige tapestry, with ornate paisleys and just a touch of dark purple in the design.  sumptuous.  absolutely sumptuous.  AND, it was blissfully free of manufacturer marks on the edges, so I won't need to hem it.   At  54" wide and six yards, it will turn into a fabu sofa cover and throw pillows after the wedding.  Must remember to buy double-sided tape to keep it from sliding on the floor.  Must also get down to the fabric place on Summer and get matching bullion fringe for the ends.

*packed up all the purple tapestries, sari's, cloth lanterns, and other goodies into one single jumbo tubbie.  Spritzed a bit of Les nerides Oriental Lumpur between each layer, to combat storage-stink, and it's good to go.  I don't have to worry about it till the morning of.

*finally, must get my silly self down to H.R. this week, (a week that is rapidly running out), to talk to them about the harsh realities of  what this marraige thing is going to mean financially - insurance rates, tuition discounts, etc etc.

*Sunday - must go church visiting again.  Had to rule out First Congo, even though I really really like that church.  I like what they do, I like their message, I like what they are about.  I could happily call that place my spiritual home away from home, but there were two big ole problems.  1. Stephen wasn't really fond of them.  Took their enthusiastic friendliness and good works as "fake", which blows my mind, 'cause I don't sense that at all.  and 2.  They require that couples be "members for a while"  ( a year was implied) before they marry them.  !!!   So, it's down to choosing amongst Troy-Ann, who, although she represents neither of our faiths, is a quite cool chickie, Stephen's comfortable with her, and has already said she'd be happy to perform the service, vs. the two UU congregations in town.  Need to make the choice soon, too.  People's schedules can get booked up.

Also, have pretty much finalized the menu.  I wanted so much to have a nice sit down dinner for everyone, but the guest list has gotten so huge - I could never afford it.  So, hors dourves it is, and the people who drive all the way in from Nashville or Oxford or New Orleans or Little Rock will just have to not hate me for it.  At least I'll be able to put out a LOT of appetizers, so with careful grazing, guests could get reasonably full.

That's it for now.  Will be posting pics of the fabric and a link to the sherwani tailor's website soon.

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